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Matching Part Numbers

The same part can have up to 30 different part numbers. This is because it may be used in several different machines under many different brands. For example, since HP does not make LCD inverters, they use models made by Delta, Sumida, Tomatsu, and TDK. This part will also be used in many different HP laptops. It may also be used in Compaq, Gateway, and eMachine brands. This is how the same part can have many different part numbers.

If your part arrives with different stickers or part numbers than what you ordered, this does not mean we shipped you the wrong part. As long as the part has the same pin count, mechanical characteristics (dimensions, screw hole and locator pin locations), and the same input and output voltage characteristcs, it is the right part.

We often supply pulled replacements for equipment that is no longer in production. Used parts have the same warranty as new parts and have been tested prior to shipment. Our goal is to get your machine back up and running as soon as possible. We find that recycling parts does this faster than waiting weeks or months for new parts to arrive.

The best way to ensure a proper fit is to search our database by the part number printed on your circuit board. Avoid numbers beginning with E+6 digits. These are Underwriter Laboratories (UL) certification codes NOT part numbers. Many different parts are manufatured by the same company and have the same UL number printed on all of their parts. This is no way to accurately search for any part.

Some stickers are serial numbers, not part numbers. Some stickers are part numbers of a connecting component and NOT the part number of the board. Please do your best to take 2 minutes to peel back the optional mylar plastic cover and use the part number printed directly on the circuit board often in white paint. This will help ensure you have quick and successful repair. Parts Database Search Tools Order Status Part Quotes Support Options Part Wizard

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